Chapter 9 – The Awakening
Part 2: Finally

After The Caller had left Celeste came over to Ienarath. “That went exceptionally well! And it’s almost dinner time, you must be famished. We don’t usually eat together, as everyone is often working on something that cannot be left unattended, but I have a feeling when word gets around that we have a new member, well, let’s just say that you’ll likely be very popular; at least for the next couple of days. But don’t worry, I’ll be at your side to help fend them off.

“Now, let’s find you some proper attire.”

Celeste searched the dressers and cabinets for several minutes until she found a robe that would fit Ienarath. “Aha!” She exclaimed. “This looks to be about the right size, oh, and there’s some shoes here, too, perfect. Here, let me help you get this on.”

Before long, Ienarath was dressed in a dark robe with a rope tied around her waist, and a pair of surprisingly comfortable black shoes. Celeste moved Ienarath’s hair away from her face and then stood back. “Well, well,” she began, “you certainly look the part, that’s for sure. Come, let’s go find you something to eat, and then afterwards, we’ll go for a tour and meet the others.”

For Ienarath, dinner was like a feast. She could not remember the last time that she had seen so much food. There was lamb, and fish, and beef, all sorts of different types of fruits and vegetables, and with it all were several types of wines, meads, ales and water. Ienarath never drank anything but water during her time with the bandits, as there meads and ales were, in her opinion, very foul, and they never had wine. Ienarath discovered that she rather liked wine, especially the red ones; the Argonian Bloodwine was probably her favorite. Full and a bit flushed from the wine, she looked at Celeste and smiled. Shortly afterwards, when she had had her fill, Celeste began showing her around Fellglow Keep.

As they started walking, Celeste told her all about Fellglow, interjecting, “of course we won’t get to every nook and cranny tonight, but I’ll be show you the main parts of the keep at least. Over the coming weeks, you’ll get to know the rest.” They spent the remainder of the night going from room to room and floor to floor, stopping as they went so that Ienarath could be introduced to the various other members of the coven. 

By the end of it, she was amazed at the size of Fellglow. Of course it looked big from the outside, but still, she never would have thought that it could contain so much. It was like dream; and for the first time in her young adult life, Ienarath felt as if she were truly home. That night she lay in bed with visions of grandeur filling her head while Celeste and Andromeda, the only other woman in the Keep, besides The Caller, talked amongst themselves. As her eyes closed she said to herself, “finally”.

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