As a dedicant to Heshtail, often times my job involves going where I’m not wanted. It is my duty to ease suffering where I can, and in the occupied kingdoms, there is more than enough work to be done. Sometimes my job involves healing the sick or tending to the injured, other times it involves defending the weak. Almost always it involves bringing hope to the downtrodden, in whatever little ways I can manage.

The constant wandering isn’t much a problem for me; growing up in the north of Kale has a way of instilling an appreciation for the nomadic life in a person. Freedom is something we from the outskirts of Bares take very seriously. Not even the Lord of Pride and his minions could break our wild spirits, or so my mother used to tell me.

Not everyone is so lucky. Heshtail’s light has guided me into the darkness of the occupied lands, where hope is but a flicker that one might see the next day’s dawn. I was able to hide my true purpose well enough for a while, posing as an itinerant Druid, bowing to the masters and whispering their words of praise. Heshtail permits this; He knows I am still true to Him, whatever face I might present.

Daven is where I met my match. They caught me casting a blessing on the sick child of a farmer, and took me away. Thankfully, farmers are too valuable these days to be made into examples, and I was lucky they didn’t execute me on the spot.

My path from here is uncertain, but I have faith. Heshtail will guide me.
— Avril duBares



Avril is a devout worshipper of Heshtail, but not necessarily of the way the church portrays him. She grew up in a place where people made their own names, and saw the gods as they felt would be the most useful to them, if not the most correct. She does do a candle-lit vigil every new moon in his honor, but often loses track of his other holidays to the blur of the road.


Heshtail’s followers tend to have an interesting sense of mercy, in that they will not hesitate to kill someone to put them out of their misery, if it becomes obvious that healing will do nothing for them. Her particular brand of justice is dealt on a case-by-case basis, and often she worries if her choice really was the right one.


Because of the varied nature of working as a lone healer, defender, and hope-bringer, Avril can adjust her skill set to work with others like her. If she needs to be a shield for a weaker comrade, she can. If she needs to be more of a healer, she can do that too. While she has generally worked alone in the past, Avril recognizes that there is strength in numbers, and that she alone cannot hope to defeat the evil in the occupied kingdoms.