The Hordes of Sin role play team uses an online free-to-play game setting as the backdrop for our story. The setting is called "Farland" and this is what our players use as the basis for their character backgrounds, belief systems etc. It is an amazing setting that is updated monthly and even has full .pdf books available!

There are elements of Farland that do no exist in or are not supported by the game system. In most cases these will not be included in the story. The following is a list of items in the Farland material that can be ignored:

1. Races - The game does not support the use of Gnomes, Halflings, Half-0rcs, Tieflings, or goblinoids as playable characters. I would argue that the creative play could use a Dwarf with a halfling background story and play style but you should not expect to see an other halflings in the world. The lizard people in the game are a good match to the "dragonborn" peoples of Farland and I will allow playable undead for all the races.

2. Currencies - The game does not allow for variation in currency so we will not be using this information from's just gold!

3. Languages - I do not plan on worrying about language variation. If you would like to use it to add color to your character in some way that's fine so long as it does not complicate game play for viewers.

4. Flora & Fauna - We will not be using the Flora or Bestiary information from Farland but will stick with the beasts and plans available in Divinity

5. Magic Items & Spells - Just as with Flora and Fauna, we will be sticking with the magic items available to players in the game. If you would like to us items from Farland as part of a backstory feel free!