My name is Lolthruan Levan, of House Levan. My friends used to call me Lolth, but now, I am only know as Ruin.

In House Levan I learned a great many things. Etiquette, of course, but art as well, in all its forms. As I grew older, I was introduced to fencing, strategy, and warcraft. But it was my love of magic that truly gave me reach, for none of my counterparts could touch magic in the way that I could. I was destined for greatness.

My fascination of magic gave me greater and greater insight into things that others could not even dream of, and the more I learned, the deeper I wanted to go. And thus my love soon became my passion, and my passion then gave way to addiction, until finally, magic became my ruin.

As I dove deeper and deeper into the magical arts, I began to experiment. It was in this experimentation that my life was changed forever. For one night, as the magical planes moved all about me, I reached out to connect that which should never have been connected, and in an instant I was enveloped in fire, lightning, and scalding steam. The ground beneath me opened up to a great chasm of molten rock and in one motion, all the elements rose up against me, drew me into the inky blackness of nothingness, and then stripped the flesh from my bones and the memories from my mind. Only when my bones remained, and my thoughts were empty, was I returned to the mortal plane. 

And so now, with only fragments of the past floating innocuously before me, I drift upon these lands with a hunger to regain the knowledge that was taken from me. But this time, I look not inward as I had before, but instead, I now cast my gaze outward in an attempt to protect others from my fate.

And thus is the tragedy of Lolthruan Levan.
— Lolthruan Levan

Points of Interest:


Elves do not sleep in the traditional sense, but rather, they enter a state of “reverie” instead. This state of reverie, or memory, allows them to rejuvenate while contemplating various aspects of their life. Due to his condition, however, even though Ruin’s reverie remains outwardly similar to that of his kin, he does not enjoy the visions of his life. Instead, he sees an unending blackness filled with cryptic equations and runes, with only an occasional image of his past interrupting the cacophony of science. 

The Past

Ruin is aware of his House, but is unable to return to it, though he cannot say exactly why. This sense of misplacement might bother him if it were not for the constant draw to magic. 

The Belief

Ruin cannot explain his current state, but he believes (rightly or wrongly) that it has not come about through death, but something more; through magic. 

The Mission

Because of his belief, Ruin searches for all things magic in an attempt to understand it [again], and in turn, use that knowledge to protect those in the world around him from it.