The Gentlemen Bastards

The Gentlemen Bastards


“Hey, you in the ear buds!” Thank you for listening! is the brainchild of Stu King but he is not the only person at work here.

The CouchWarrior Network is a joint venture between friends to provide a platform for the launch and promotion of content that interests us.
Chief among these is Skyrim game content and specifically, Skyrim play theory. In a game as deep as this there is plenty of theory to discuss.

Furthermore, we love stories. We love weaving stories and crafting memorable characters through Skyrim and many other games. Our podcasts are intended to bring digital sustenance to your gaming cranium whenever you are on the go. Take our podcasts along to scratch the Elder Scrolls itch even when you are away from your computer or console. You can even stream our shows from YouTube while you play!


My adventure began with a Lego set at age 5 that I have passed on to my own children. Building fantastical ships, interstellar outposts and futuristic craft of all types. When I played my first game of D&D at age 11 I knew I was hooked. Story telling and invention has been an obsession ever since and I quickly graduated to video games on the 2600 and beyond that into writing and even a bit of self-publishing.

In the late 90's I designed and developed a role-play focused web site, in partnership with Joe, called Thistledown Hall. We published our own game tools, modules, editorials and a variety of game aides and stories. In 2002 the web site was nominated for an Ennie RPG Web Site Design Award (The Gen Con EN World RPG Awards) .


Although I began role-playing in the mid to late 80's, I didn't start playing Skyrim until late 2013. I've played characters from mages to warriors - from good to, well, not so good.

Alone side of the fantasy genre, I'm a Star Wars fan, as well. The best one, you ask? Empire Strikes Back, no contest. I’m also a Star Trek fan, the original series please, although, how can you not like Picard, right? Finally, I am helping to raise, what my wife refers to as, a "Marvel Family". Sorry Batman, but we don't do DC ;).

I’m glad to be a part of the Crusade to re-kindle some of those days of yore, to tell of current experiences, and most of all, to learn some new tips and tricks from all of you!


Whether handheld, Apple, console, or PC, Matt has been immersed in gaming for more than 30 years. Passion for gaming started before the Atari 2600 and Yars Revenge, carrying through the early days of Doom, Castle Wolfenstein, Unreal, Comanche, and dozens of racing games up to modern gaming on XBOX and PC. Matt still has an original Speak and Spell; it's oddly robotic vocal pattern Matt has been trying to emulate for perhaps a few too many years.

At night, he sets aside the suit and tie for superhero pursuits in industrial, commercial, and gaming voiceover, new media production, and trying not to break too much stuff around the house.