The human mind is an inadequate and fragile thing. Yet in modern times it is described as a tractless landscape of untapped potential, one of three unexplored frontiers of science to be associated with the depths of the ocean and limitless expanse of the cosmos. The irony is that all three of these realms of the unexplored are intertwined in a dark and malevolent triangle drawn upon our world in offering to the Elder Gods.

I can hear your questioning thoughts, who are the elder gods? To most, they are unknown and their story is lost to time but to others…they are all. You see, before the ages of man it is said the elder gods ruled the earth giving rise to such abominations as would make the human mind break with horror. With names such as Azathoth, Yog Sothoth and the shuddersome Cathhulu, the elder gods vile influence is said to have been as a dire poisonous shroud of dark madness.

But where have they gone, you ask? The dreadful answer is that the elder gods never left. For millennia have they slumbered hidden in the depths of the ocean…waiting unseen, but for what? Their aims are beyond the comprehension of the feeble human brain but you need but look around you to see the signs that they have awakened.

Fathoms below, in the darkness of the deepest ocean, Cathhulu stirs and from the immeasurable consciousness of his sleeping mind comes the psychic pulse that slowly drives the world of man into madness. It is with the coming of the Elder Gods, that the signs of the death of the human world is heralded. Even now they come but only a small few can comprehend their horrific approach before being taken by madness. The inexplicable appearance of a vile tome known as the Necronomicon as well as the uncovering of primitive death cults in the darkest corners of the world prove the return of the Elder Gods is at hand.

Despite all of this, a rare few souls have been able to document their terrors in grief stricken letters and delusional pros before being overwhelmed by mania. It is from these documents I hope to piece together the puzzle of our own creeping doom. Beware listener…The Elder Gods have returned.

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Written by: H. P. Lovecraft
Performed by: Stu King
Produced by: Stu King
Music by: Cryo Chamber

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