Show Notes

This episode is all about the character background. So, listen in as we discuss the many creative approaches to documenting your character's biography, and prepare to dive deep into role-play, mods, storytelling and imagination!

Character Craft

Meet Hinto Cheveyo, the Battle Shaman (6:03), and Julian Wingate Bitteridge, (aka Fulcrum), the Arcane Engineer (20:34), two of the feature characters for this podcast. Join us as we discuss the thoughts and ideas behind these character concepts, as well as our initial reactions to the characters so far.

Hinto Cheveyo

Hinto Cheveyo

Play Theory

Join us as we talk about character backgrounds (30:30) and the different ways that can be used to create them. We’ll also touch on character morals and psyche, and the effects they can have on your play-through.

Mod Mentions


Hadvar (14:18) and his uncle, Alvor (17:40), are the names of the characters we had a memory lapse on.

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