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In this episode we discuss creating your own side quest to enhance role play, get a review of all three characters and our first Crusader Mail segment where we address your burning Skyrim and role play questions.

Level Up (0:8:00)

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Character Craft (0:19:50)

Get up to speed with Einar Stigandr, the naked Nord, and Stu's Redguard, Shullat (59:55). Also meet Ienarath [ee-nah-rahth] (41:03), Joe's new Dunmer character. Listen in as Matt talks about his unexpected 3rd person revelations. Stu goes into to detail on setting up an outpost, and Joe outlines the character events that set the stage for his new female dark elf.

Play Theory (1:23:42)

In this episode's play theory, we go into detail on how to add color and interest to your game by adding your own side quests. Through example Stu, Matt, and Joe step through ways to add variety to your game, all while "traveling with intent".

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The gang finally share one space, but not mics!
Longer bi-weekly format announced
Listener Mail (2:14:45): what to do in cities and connecting stories
Bannered Mare woman mentioned at 1:06:58 - Uthgerd the Unbroken

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