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In this episode we welcome Dave Cravens to the Character Crusade studio.  Dave is Senior Creative Director at High Moon Studios and has worked in the game industry for years.  Dave is also a published author and we discuss his book The God Thought and chat about the ways in which the tools of the novelist can be used to better define in-game characters.

Level Up

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Character Craft (0:20:17) - Interview with Dave Cravens

The cast is pleased to talk with author and High Moon Studios Sr. Creative Director, Dave Cravens. We talk with Dave about his new book The God Thought and the differences and similarities of character development between books and video games. Listen in as Dave tells about his experiences in self-publishing, his thoughts on journalism, as it exists today, and the importance of having an eBook done right.

Play Theory (1:01:32)

In our Play Theory segment we talk about story lines. Stu talks about his ACA model, why he created it, and how it could help when trying to visualize a game’s different attributes. Dave adds a game designers perspective and offers some insight to the constant trade-offs that studios deal with when considering if a game benefits more from a greater player flexibility and input or tighter the game direction.


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