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In this episode the guys discuss the concept of Character Conflict as a method for defining character traits, motivations, wants and needs. The model focuses on character conflict at the personal, interpersonal and societal levels.

Level Up (0:05:40)

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Character Craft (0:14:45)

Matt gives an update on Einar Stigandr and his expeditions into Bleak Falls Barrow. Stu introduces Robbard Graves, his Epicosity Project's Master Thief candidate. 

This episode's Character Craft section will focus on Ienarath. Listen in as Joe unveils her Alternate Start location and the troubles she encountered there. He'll also layout her first few days as she makes her way to Solitude.

Play Theory (1:01:32)

In this episode's play theory, we delve into the concept of the Circles of Conflict; Personal Conflict, Interpersonal Conflict, and Extraneous Conflict. Using Robbard and Ienarath as examples, the guys talk talk about how this tool can help give purpose to complex characters and ideas. See Stu's Blog post to supplement the discussion.

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Character Craft format refinements
Important Erinyes Arcana submissions dates announced
       July 31st, 2015: Due date for submissions to be included in episode
August 21st, 2015: Episode devoted to address Erinyes Arcana submissions
Listener Mail (1:45:30): changing character focus
Blue Palace court wizard is Sybille Stentor (53:04)

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