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Through game mechanics, other mods, and role play, there is no reason that you should be wary of using an "over powered" mod.  In this episode the gents attempt to debunk the perception of the "overpowered" mod. 

Level Up (4:42)

Contributors of note

Character Craft 

Ienarath (Joe) - 10:36
Building in Blackreach continues, Markarth quests, going vampire, and problems with Eola.

Whelp (Matt) - 25:12
Discovering Skyrim, killing Lydia, and enchantment lessons.

Robbard (Stu) - 41:57
Building Nilheim, Uthgerd vs bandits, and Tundra Defense limits?

Play Theory (58:14)

Listen in as we talk about how you can set the stage and make even "over powered" mods work for you.

Mod Mentions


Listener Mail!

Markarth blacksmith: Ghorza gra-Bagol (23:23)

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