The 5 Fables is the latest Skyrim Story project in production now by CouchWarrior!  This episode is a preview of the new story scheduled to arrive on YouTube in January 2016.

In the CouchWarrior tradition, this story experience will be rich in story, character development and immersive production.  Featuring CouchWarrior's unique mix of original writing, beautiful cinematics and atmospheric music, The 5 Fables is the most ambitious CouchWarrior production to date.

Coming to YouTube in 2016, The 5 Fables tells the story of five powerful individuals pulled together by fate to save the mortal realm from a dark and baleful entity slowing poisoning the world.  Featuring original music, multiple voice actors and CouchWarrior's unique blend of role play, story, interlacing quest lines and intimate commentary, The 5 Fables will keep you enthralled and coming back for more!

An Introduction to Robbard Graves

Robbard Graves was born and raised in Morthal, the bastard son of Idgrod Ravencrone.  An unapologetic black sheep and despot from an early age, Robbard has run afoul of the law as well as social and cultural mores so often as to be jailed, exiled, excommunicated, hunted and wanted in Skyrim, Cyrodiil and some say High Rock. Through it all, Robbard has prevailed and survived through pure gile, quick wit and a talent for deception.  However, beneath the menace and the litany of black deeds Robbard Graves lives for his music.  A masterful lute player, he has studied with masters in Cyrodiil and Skyrim alike but time after time his dreams of a life dedicated to his music have fallen victim to his penchant for self destruction.

Having worn out his welcome in Cyrodiil, Robbard has returned to Skyrim and taken a job as warden of a mining camp owned and opperated by the Silverbloods.  Frustrated and bored, Robbard’s appetites for violence, women and strong drink often take him down dark and destructive paths. In recent years he has leveraged his considerable talents with the long bow and hand axe to carve out a reputation as an effective mercenary and bounty hunter.  However, the many abuses of his lifestyle have taken their tole and Robbard suffers from chronic and debilitating join pain, the result of years of brawling and untreated injuries with only temporary relief to be found at the bottom of a bottle.

An Introduction to Julien Bitteridge

Julien Bitteridge is swashbuckling Breton drawn to Skyrim, after years at sea, by the unexplained disappearance of his mother in the dark and lonely recesses of The Reach.  A wealthy and adventurous widow, Julia Bitteridge left behind a world of comfort and privilege to pursue a life of exploration, discover and adventure only to vanish into the Reach along with her entire expedition.  Now a year after her disappearance, Julien has taken up residence in his Mother’s home where he relentlessly studies her research materials in search of any clues to her fate.

In the prime of his life, Julien Wingate Bitteridge is a gentleman and swordsman of profound confidence and capability. After years at sea he possesses a uniquely open minded world view and positive outlook on the potential of humanity.  But, behind the noble swordsman there lies a singular intellect.  Julien is driven by the desire to create and discover and has become a tireless researcher into the civilization, architecture and construction techniques of the dwemer.  A master of metallurgy, Julien has unlocked the secrets of artifice and has used this knowledge to great advantage as he scours Skyrim in search of clues to his mother's disappearance.

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Watch The 5 Fables - Prologue for a glimpse into the Fables experience.  Produced in full 1080p HD and with more than 150 game modifications, custom created assets and high quality graphics, you will never look at the world of Skyrim the same again!