Show Notes

In episode 27 the Gentlemen Bastards welcome Michael from GamerPoets to talk about role play, S.T.E.P., YouTube and more.


Introduction of Michael of Gamer Poets.


In this episode, we deviate a bit from our normal segments to carry out a great discussion with Michael about role playing and what it means to him and his character Paxton. Listen in as Michael and Stu compare notes on creating their let's play series'. 

S.T.E.P. GUIDE AND MORE (1:10:52)

Michael tells us about his involvment with S.T.E.P. The guys also talk a bit about their YouTube channels and express their opinions about trolls and the negative impact they can have on the mod community.


  • Character Crusade shop now up!
  • Upcoming Fan Appreciation episode
  • Character Crusade Presents
  • Upcoming First Anniversary episode
  • Next show's guest: Darkfox127
  • Release of: Ienarath - Origins, chapter 7 & Episode 5 in the 5 Fables Let's Live


  • Correction: 1:45:13 - flaccid not flatulent, two very different things....
  • Iron Maiden Premium British Beer - We didn't like it, but hey, what do we know? Try it for yourself!

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