The Gentlemen Bastards would like to take
a moment to acknowledge the passing of
local legend and global music icon,

Rest In Peace

Prince Rogers Nelson 1958 - 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson 1958 - 2016

Show Notes

In episode 28 the we welcome modder extraordinaire, DarkFox127 to the show and we talk about mods designed for role play.


And introduction of DarkFox127 and his current endeavors.


The guys discuss a variety of modding topics and how they can integrate into the gaming experience. Listen in as DarkFox127 talks about his much anticipated Caranthir Tower Reborn mod, his Creation Kit tutorials, as well as his collaborative efforts with Elianora on Mörskom Estate.



  • Elianora: 
  • Mörskom pronunciation: Mursh - com ("ur" as in furniture)
  • Bragging rights for anyone that can name DarkFox127's followers (5:39)
  • simsim899 (53:26)
  • Creation Kit Crash Reactions by DarkFox127 (1:26:33)
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