THE SHADOWSCALE - A Tamriel Vault Character Build

Emer Dareloth & No snakes aLive!

Any two bit assassin can dress the part and wield the weapon, tiptoe up to a target and slit a throat undetected. True mastery of stealth and the art of killing - the kind that cannot be taught but rather that one must be born into, as the Shadowscales are - that kind of expertise entails being able to blend into crowd as well as darkness, remaining not merely undetected but also unassuming. The Shadowscale just as easily hides in plain sight, neither wearing the infamous set of armor that is calling-card to his profession nor wielding the weapons that would give away his intentions, as he hides in the darkness, terrorizing his victims with the knowledge that death could be around any corner. You may pass a Shadowscale in broad daylight and never be alerted to the presence of such a killer; at night you may never learn of his whereabouts, but he will surely make his presence known. No matter when or where, a Shadowscale will leave you dead where you stand, betrayed by your own weapon, and he will do so without a trace.

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