Show Notes

The Gentlemen Bastards get back to basics! Join the guys as they kick off their Virtually Immersive Tour from The House of Troubles, and talk about quests.

Announcements and Updates

We are pleased to be teaming up with Draugr Lager Brewhouse for our 2016 Virtual Immersion Tour!

  • Matt returns!
  • Work on expanding The House of Troubles mod
  • A new story release that adds lore connecting The House of Troubles and Halldir's Cairn
  • Highlighting a new Patreon supporter and iTunes reviewer
  • New Draugr Lager merch in the Shop! 

Character Craft

With a new format, Character Craft is broadened to include not just characters, but personal projects as well.


  • Beginning the expansion for The House of Troubles mod
  • Getting sidetracked by Steam and an Oblivion offer
  • Release of the full House of Troubles story
  • Getting ready to record


  • Fireside Stories updates
  • Recording of Joe's House of Troubles


  • PC is back and better than ever!
  • The return of Rune Runner - Rune Runner Reborn with custom, in game, voice files
  • Setting up Sailee's profile so that 3-Play can continue
  • Coming soon: Robbard NPC mod

Play Theory

In this episode of Play Theory, we bring back Quest Connector, with twist. Since the initial episode was recorded with a live stream audience, the guys solicit the viewers for quests to connect to a preselected quest. The result is a stream of consciousness involving Halldir's Cairn, the Wabbajack, & the mace of Molag Bol. And then for fun, the guys decide to round out the set of with Mehrunes' Razor and Malacath's Volendrung.


2016 Modding Guide by Cal from Dirty Weasel

Caranthir Tower broadcast location  (date TBD)

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