Show Notes

From setup and configuration, to troubleshooting and patching, Stu from CouchWarrior TV and Cal of Dirty Weasel Media take an indepth look at modding Skyrim.

Story vs Play (8:08)

Stu talks to Cal about what's important to him in modding from the perspective of a story teller on YouTube and how that is different from personal play, while Cal highlights the importance of compatibility. Stu also explains some of the mods that he considers "game changers" for the Rune Runner series.

Texture Mods (1:01:33)

Cal and Stu get into texture mods and how order can make a noticeable difference.

Mod Organizer (1:06:02)

Cal offers some insight into Mod Organizer and what's happening in the different panes and how to approach them.

Performance (1:23:37)

Cal touches on the performance hits a mod might have.

Troubleshooting (1:27:38) 

There's no way around it, troubleshooting can be tedious.

Patching (1:32:25)

Wrye Bash, TESV Edit, and Merge vs Merge?

Q&A (1:51:30)

Stu and Cal take some time to address a few questions from their live stream.

Mods Mentioned


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