Show Notes

In this episode the Crusaders talk with Darkfox127 about the release of Caranthir Tower Reborn. Listen in as we poke fun at Stu's walk-through foibles as well as celibrate his triumphs. We also get the chance to listen to Darkfox highlight a few of his own thoughts about the mod, why he opted to do some of the things he did, and what's next.

(1:08:20) Stu talks more about The Mighty Zatu.

Updates and Announcements (1:19:45)

(1:30:08) Joe gives a brief update on his current undertakings, including his first Let's Play - to be published under The Panicked Monk moniker on YouTube.

(1:36:19) Welcome to our first Patreon NPCs to the show, representing Patreon contributors William McNee and David Wallace.


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