Character Name: Robbard Graves 

Alias:  Grave Robbard

Character Concept:   Thief/Bard

Favored Weapon(s): Hand Axe / Long Bow

Race:  Nord

Place of Birth:  Morthal (Hjallmarch)

Parentage:  Illegitimate son of Idgrod Ravencrone

Friends & Allies:   Underworld Associates, Select Musicians 

Enemies & Rivals:  Bandit Chief (Valtheim), City Guards (all holds), Skjarn (fellow bard)

An Introduction to Robbard Graves

Robbard Graves was born and raised in Morthal, the bastard son of Idgrod Ravencrone.  An unapologetic black sheep and despot from an early age, Robbard has run afoul of the law as well as social and cultural mores so often as to be jailed, exiled, excommunicated, hunted and wanted in Skyrim, Cyrodiil and some say High Rock. Through it all, Robbard has prevailed and survived through pure gile, quick wit and a talent for deception.  However, beneath the menace and the litany of black deeds Robbard Graves lives for his music.  A masterful lute player, he has studied with masters in Cyrodiil and Skyrim alike but time after time his dreams of a life dedicated to his music have fallen victim to his penchant for self destruction.

Having worn out his welcome in Cyrodiil, Robbard has returned to Skyrim and taken a job as warden of a mining camp owned and opperated by the Silverbloods.  Frustrated and bored, Robbard’s appetites for violence, women and strong drink often take him down dark and destructive paths. In recent years he has leveraged his considerable talents with the long bow and hand axe to carve out a reputation as an effective mercenary and bounty hunter.  However, the many abuses of his lifestyle have taken their tole and Robbard suffers from chronic and debilitating join pain, the result of years of brawling and untreated injuries with only temporary relief to be found at the bottom of a bottle.

Theft, banditry and assault are among the crimes he has been accused of however Robbard has a more sinister and secret life as a Skooma dealer.  With a network of contacts in the underworld, he has waged a silent war for control of Skyrim's smuggling trade of years.

Chronic trouble-maker recently returned from a misadventure in Cyrodiil.