Character Name:  Spurius Toifel

Alias:  Spurius Toifel

Character Concept:   Scribe & Historian

Favored Weapon(s):  Books

Race:  Imperial

Place of Birth:  Cyrodil

Parentage:  3rd son of a family of fisherman

Friends & Allies:    Members of the Imperial Historical Archive

Enemies & Rivals:  None


Scribe and lector of the Imperial Historical Archive of The Republic of Cyrodil, created in the year 4E 209 by Empress Annaig I. The order has been charged with the staggering task of gathering up and recording the threads of  history before they become ghosts in the tapestry of unrecorded stories and tales. 

Having packed his belongings, Spurius departs for the wilds of Skyrim.  Forty six years after the horrors that have come to be known as the "Great Dying", a black cloud hangs over the Children of the Sky.  The cancer has been cut away and yet all wait, as if knowing the threat is not passed. It is into this uncertain quiet that Spurius travels, armed only with quill and book, ready to record the histories of those who saved the mortal world from the darkness.