Character Name: Unknown
Alias:  Stacks
Character Concept:   Fighter - Melee Focus
Favored Weapon(s):  Greatswords / Shortbow
Race:  Nord
Place of Birth:  Unknown
Parentage:  Unknown
Friends & Allies:   Robbard Graves
Enemies & Rivals:  Anyone that intends to harm Robbard
Quiet and resilient, Stacks is the epitome of a survivalist. And though well into his 60's, he still stands tall and broad with power enough in his swing that he can still stagger both bear and troll alike. 

Stacks is exceedingly awkward around others, especially those he doesn't know. This lack of social grace, along with his physical stature, has caused many to pass him off as nothing more than a slow-witted brute, good for physical labor and nothing more. However, Stacks has an extraordinary ability. Stacks is gifted with an uncanny memory and a penchant for numbers, names, and places. There is nothing Stacks cannot recall with unparalleled accuracy.