Season Theme - Season theme selected by live audience

Character setup

Trait list - View Character Traits List

  • Primary Trait - Stubborn

  • Secondary Trait - 1 selection by player

Circles of conflict - Review for homework

Circles of Character Conflict

Circles of Character Conflict

Value pairs - Review for homework

Story setup

Plot list - View Plot List

  • Primary Plot - 1 selection by player

  • Subplot - A woman goes into labor to discover the baby has vanished

Units of story - Review for homework

Units of Story Structure

Units of Story Structure

Character journey - Review for homework

————— Season Theme —————

Hidden Agenda - All that I do is in services to my secret objective

Game Play Ideas

Game play rules - Game mechanics
Role play rules - “I will do” and “I will not do”

Supporting Mods

HOMEWORK: Origins Vignette

Write a character vignette of not more than one page that is an accounting of your character’s origin story. Consider creative ways you could record the story other than bland narrative. Explore alternate perspectives, journals, found documents, interviews etc. This does NOT need to be a full background story!

Homework should include:
Short narrative - Creative writing about your character
Character status

  1. What you did

  2. Why you did it

  3. How you did it

NOTE: Completed homework will be submitted to the Unbound email address and reviewed in the next episode of the podcast.