Character growth trajectory - Discussion

Arch Plot Structure

  • The ordinary world - What does your character do that makes them ordinary? The ordinary activities of our character give us greater perspective on the hero experience.

  • The inciting incident - What drives your character to be a hero/anti-hero? This should be driven by your character’s personality and psychology

The Classic Arch Plot Structure


HOMEWORK: Hero Vignette

Write a character vignette of not more than one page that is an accounting of your character’s origin story. Consider creative ways you could record the story other than bland narrative. Explore alternate perspectives, journals, found documents, interviews etc.

Homework should include:
Short narrative - Creative writing about your character
Character status

  1. What you did

  2. Why you did it

  3. How you did it

NOTE: Completed homework will be submitted to the Unbound email address and reviewed in the next episode of the podcast.