Ingredients Ingots
Wheat Iron
Blisterwort Steel
Imp Stool Corundum
Blue Mountain Flower Dwarven Metal
Swamp Fungal Pod Orichalcum
Butterfly Wing Refined Moonstone
Eye Of Saber Cat Refined Malachite
Rock Warbler Egg Silver
Charred Skeever Hide Ebony
Felsaad Tern Feathers Quicksilver
Ash Hopper Jelly Stahlrim
Snowberry Gold


1. Player will select a sacred ingot, all other metals will poison the character when handled

2. Player can wear or wield as much of their chosen element as they like without adverse effects

3. To wear or wield another type of metal armor or weapon, the player must consume 1 ingredient, each day, for each piece of armor or weapon that is equipped

4. If you do not have the ingredient for a piece of gear, it cannot be used until you find more of the required ingredient

5. ingredient doses work for 24 hours

6. Resist magic enchantments will help to mitigate the effects of toxic metals. For every 15% resist magic, the player can use one item of a toxic metal

7. When enchanting items with resist magic, the item must be made of your chosen metal

8. Gold poisoning effects all players equally

9. Players must consume one snowberry for every 50 Septims spent, with a minimum of 1 snowberry per transaction

10. Players may collect items of toxic metal but must consume the required ingredient when discarding, selling or disenchanting the item

11. If the player chooses to upgrade or smelt an item of toxic metal the required ingredient must be consumed during the process